Thanks again for the sessions. They really helped me cement a direction I might not have been ready to take without a sounding board. You have had a genuine impact on my life for the better” D

“I worked with Jo over several sessions in which she helped me to work through a plan to improve the sales and estimating function for the company I had recently joined. Jo worked with me to form practical plans to improve the way I worked and also to get the most out of my team. Her clear and focused guidance taught me to take a step back from the day to day and gave me the tools that I needed to plan my career strategy for the next few years.
Thanks Jo!  
” Z

“I was at a crossroads in my career after returning from maternity leave. Meeting with Jo helped me to work through my options, identify what was important to me and find the confidence to go after it. As a result I’m in a new role with a lot of opportunities for the future. Jo is great at helping you find the answers, not by offering solutions but by helping you to find them yourself.” A

“This morning’s session was so so useful. I genuinely feel a huge amount of relief. You are brill and your intuition is spot on” E

“Working with Jo has really helped me to break away from circular thinking about my work situation. The insight I have gained into my own strengths and motivations has been invaluable in allowing me to move forward” J

”I worked with Jo throughout last year and I can’t recommend her coaching services highly enough. When Jo and I first met in early 2019, I was at a bit of a crossroads both personally and professionally. I was becoming increasingly frustrated in my career and starting to think about setting up my own business, but didn’t have the confidence or vision to do it. I met with Jo every 6-8 weeks to discuss my plans and my fears. Jo would use the sessions to coach me around the challenges and to help me identify solutions. We would complete each session with an action plan to take away and put into place before our next meeting. As a result, I took the bold move to leave my job and set up my business, which launched in November 2019. Jo’s work with me played a huge part in helping me find the confidence and mind-set to do it!” E

The two sessions I had with Jo were very relaxed.  She is a great listener and picked up on the things that seemed unimportant and difficult to talk about, but were actually key to changing the way I thought about my life and work.  It’s always a slow process to turn your life around but Jo gave me the tools to believe I could and it has worked.  M, visual artist / arts project manager

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